Exterior Painting

Your Jenkintown home’s exterior is always going to be the first thing family, friends and neighbors see when approaching your house. Selecting the proper paint for your Jenkintown home is the most important factor to an exterior house painting project. If you don’t select the right paint, your home can suffer damages from sun exposure and weathering. Whether your home’s exterior paint is experiencing weather damages, or you just want the nicest looking house in the neighborhood, Affordable Weaver is your choice exterior painting contractor to get the job done.

Jenkintown’s Choice for Exterior House Painting Services

We are a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals that can provide Jenkintown our expertise in exterior house painting services. Most people don’t know that an exterior painting job entails picking the right paint that is specific to what kind of siding you have. When choosing a paint, you have to factor in what kind of siding is on your Jenkintown property and which exterior painting material will best pair with that material. Whether your Jenkintown home is made of wood, vinyl, brick or fiber-cement, our painting professionals at Affordable Weaver can supply you with a paint that meets the needs of your property.

Providing Jenkintown Professional Exterior Painting Services

Our professional exterior painters have years of experience transforming residential properties throughout the greater Jenkintown area. As a full-service exterior painting contractor, we offer a handful of services that involve the exterior of your Jenkintown property. Our exterior painting services include deck refreshing, door painting and staining, garage floors, and wood refinishing. When selecting a paint color, it is important to consider homeowners’ association rules that would affect color choice. We have a wide selection of colors that will both meet HOA standards and satisfy your aesthetic needs.

Jenkintown’s Leader for Exterior Painting Projects

Affordable Weaver provides you with painters that are flexible, fast and efficient in order to minimize the effects on your day to day life. Our painters perform painting services with a high level of workmanship, leaving you with a satisfactory experience and quality results. We are conscientious of your personal schedule; therefore, we do our best to minimize our impact on you and your home life. Just because we move at a quick pace doesn’t mean we pay any less attention to detail.

Call Affordable Weaver to Help Complete Your Next Project!

Since 1990, Affordable Weaver has provided high quality paint services throughout Pennsylvania. If you are looking to work with qualified and talented painters in order to give your Jenkintown, PA property the look and feel that you desire, Affordable Weaver will take on the task. Helping homes and businesses transform their properties is what drives us each day. Give us a call now to start your project off on the right foot or receive a free quote!

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