The Best Power Washing Services

Affordable Weaver has proudly offered top-rated power washing services in Jenkintown and surrounding areas for many years. No matter how flawless the curb appeal of a property is, it will begin to fade after a specific time. Every day, dust, sunlight, and other environmental factors damage a property slowly but continuously. But with utmost care and regular cleaning, you can effortlessly sustain an everlasting spark on your property.

We make this task painless by offering reliable and resourceful assistance. Our experts have efficiently washed thousands of buildings in the past eight years. We will not leave the site until there is no grime left behind! You can count on our expertise for painting, drywall repair, wallpaper removal and popcorn ceiling removal.

Service Benefits

The most obvious and significant benefit of availing of professional power washing services is enhanced curb appeal. The original spark of your property hidden behind the layers of dust will be visible again. It will also improve your living standards, reducing the risk of unnecessary health concerns. Our technicians combine advanced technology and innovative methods to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Affordable Weaver is one of the most renounced names in the industry, offering premium power washing services. Our value has always been the approval and contentment of our valuable customers. For us, this is not another job but a chance to play our role in ensuring your comfort and peace of mind. If you require our assistance or have a question, feel free to call us.


Power washing your exterior yourself is an option, but several risk factors are included. Therefore, hiring a professional for safe and better service is wise.

Replacing the fence will be unnecessary, and the new railing will also turn grey if not maintained appropriately. Hence, it would be best if you prefer a power wash service.

All our employers are licensed, insured, and the best at work.

No, our rates vary according to the nature and demand of the assigned project.